Multi Streaming

On a day such as this, I am excited to write about a new much-desired feature recently added to the already amazing AllStreamHub.

Multistreaming has always been a challenge to various streamers and AllStreamHub has once again offered a solution.

So you might be asking, How different is this from other services like Restream? It’s the same question I asked when setting out to add this function because you wouldn’t want to spend valuable time trying to solve a non-existent problem. So before we dive into actually using this feature, I’ll explain the difference.

With Restream, you sign in to your social account, therefore, giving restream access to post to your social accounts. Of course, they will not post anything you do not want to be posted.

With AllStreamHub, all you do is provide a stream URL and key. We give you up to four RTMP destinations and one Facebook (RTMPS) destination. For Facebook you only need to provide the stream key, we take care of the URL for you.

Unlike Restream and the others, AllStreamHub never limits your stream quality. We restream the very quality you stream to our servers, meaning you are not limited anymore.

How to use AllStreamhub multistreaming

  1. Go to the Multistreaming tab on the dashboard

2. Copy the stream URL and stream key and paste them to your streaming software

3. Now before you go live copy the stream URLs and keys of the final stream destinations and paste them into the fields. For Facebook, you only need the stream key.

Click on the arrow beside the field to save the stream key to the server, you can use the trash button to delete them whenever you want.

At this point, we are ready to go live. Go live in your streaming software and check your stream dashboards on youtube, Facebook, and other services you might have entered.

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